This Page is to be used for Viator Redemptions only. 

What to Expect at Perfect Wick

Become the Candle Maker for an hour where you'll mix 1-3 scents and make your own custom candle to take home. Walk-ins are welcome and you can come alone or with a group.

Viator provides you with a full Candle Making Experience using our Medium Twist Top 7.2oz or Status Jar Vessel with the ability to upgrade to a larger / different style Vessel if needed at an additional rate.

What's included: 

1. Seat at the Bar
2. Unlimited selection of Scents 
3. Medium Twist Top 7.2oz or Status 8.5oz Glass Candle Vessel
4. Premium Soy Wax
5. Premium Essential Oil
6. Cotton Braided Wick w/ Adhesive
7. Custom Label
8. Candle Making Experience

Free to reschedule if something comes up.
Please give up to an hour for your candle cool enough for safe transport.

**Beer / Wine / Cocktails / Coffee / Soda / Water available for sale**

**Right and Left Bars in front room are the same and seat 8 each.** 

    Viator Redemption