Who are we?

      PW was founded by Carl Lindsey (myself) in 2016 and is operated with beautiful wife Laura (Ashley). Growing up, I was very fond of candles with my favorite being Black Cherry. I would purchase them often but was met with a lot of issues that most of us seem to deal with like excessive sooting, blackening ac vents, headaches, mild respiratory response, quick burn times, alcohol like fragrance smells, and the list goes on. After receiving my engineering degree later in life, I  decided to set out and make the ‘perfect’ candle. How hard could it really be right? Well, let’s just say that I was met with the quick realization of why most candle companies skipped corners and used synthetic ingredients; Authentic / Premium grade Soy Candles didn’t smell strong and lacked greatly in appearance. Premium ingredients are also crazy expensive making mass production less attractive to corporate investors, SO…what you end up with is an attractive brand with a not so healthy product and that is what I had overcome.

The PW Secret Formula

      After 5 years of blood, scent, and tears, the reason why I couldn’t get my hot throws, long burn times, and appearance right wasn’t just because of the exact temperatures you have to use when heating, mixing, & pouring the wax or having to align the planets just right when preventing sink holes; it was that every wax has its good and bad characteristics or properties if you will. That’s when it dawned on me! Don’t use just one type of wax like everyone else, dig into every premium wax you can find and figure out what makes them tick and what makes them fall short then blend them accordingly. For me, it took 3 types in a specific ratio to have everything work in perfect harmony. It was an indescribable feeling when I got to finally circle the (PASS) option on line 20 of my testing sheet when 100’s before it had failed. It’s almost like breaking the code of having our 3 kids sit together in one accord, sharing their belongings, and producing only the best of encouraging compliments to one another, forever. I’ll leave that Nobel Prize opportunity to another expert, but you get the point. It was a day I’ll never forget.

What to expect from our Candle

      Perfect Wick Soy Candles produce a vibrant yet subtle Cold throw, authentic traveling Hot throw, and the ability to overcome a well-known obstacle of tunneling. Tunneling is caused by an improper initial memory burn resulting in a loss of burnable wax and in return, the consumer's money. PW Candles burn nearly double the time of its competitors and with a LOT less soot. All candles can soot if left close to a draft or if its wick isn’t cut to 1/8” – 1/4” every 4 hours burned.  

The PW Store

      After years of selling candles in our Computer Store, we decided to give our passion a store of its own, calling it Perfect Wick - Candle Makery & Bar. At PW,  you get to walk in and make your own candle while learning a lot of fun facts about the craft. We also sell & serve wine, which pairs with just about anything, along with a retail line full of Candles, Melts, & Soaps made from scratch in-store. 😉

Our Mission Statement

Gifting others with the knowledge of candle making one pour at a time.